Just Sticking up for my Favorite Character

The Star Wars celebration was this weekend and I would kill to be there. I have been to the celebration once as a child and I was livid. Image 9 year old me, getting excited to meet Darth Vader and Boba Fett. I’m sure I have those pictures of my smiling face standing next to those sinister but iconic characters. Knowing me as a child and what I am now, I don’t think I would be able to hold myself together this year though.

This year, because it was their 40th anniversary so they did something different, they invited some of the stars of the old ones and most of the cast of the new upcoming movies. Most importantly though, the asked Hayden Christensen himself. 700033962-gm-6243-10-dcjw2-990465

I thought to myself, “After 15 years can people finally stop hating him?” and I was right. As soon as he stepped onto the stage of his panel, he received a standing ovation. Something he deserved rather than the hate he has been getting over his portrayal of one of the most iconic roles of all time. Getting that part must have taken a toll on him. Plus, the fact that the prequels lacked good dialogue and good directing, didn’t help any matters. I honestly think Revenge of the Sith one of my favorite Star Wars movies. Anakin Skywalker is like one of my favorite characters of all time, I will defend that boy until the days I die. Though, I wished they showed more General Skywalker in the prequels, I still enjoyed his turn into the dark side as well as his lightsaber battles in this film.

This weekend though, the fans really did show how much they missed him. His signings immediately got sold out so they had to schedule more of them for him to do. He answered sand questions and took some legendary pictures with the fans and legendary cast mates (none of these pictures are mine). What I’m saying though, Hayden seems like a humble guy, he doesn’t deserve the hate that has been bestowed upon him. I would love to have him redeem himself is some future films as Anakin. Welcome back to your Star Wars family, Hayden, you have been missed.


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